Influidity is coined from two words “Infinity” and “Fluidity”.
We are a one-stop solution in providing “Infinite Solution Fluid Operation”.

Incorporated in the year 2017, Influidity Solution believes in “Nurturing innovation and leveraging strategies”. Influidity Solution is a business consulting firm that provides management services to SMEs, start-ups, and corporates to help them establish a scalable, sustainable, and agile business. Influidity Solution has been essential in mobilizing change and has received several acclaims as a result of its innovative solutions.

Some of the common pain point of SMEs, start-ups and corporates faces in recent times:


Business Management

Business financial and operating models, organizational priorities, and organization cultures vary from business to business, so the right solution for one organization may not be the best for another. It is important to assess how your business currently operates, asses the feasibility of strategy, and assist with developing a structured, incremental path to improvement.

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Branding & Design

Market is cluttered with multiple complimentary product and services but amidst the chaos and noise you want your brand voice to reach your target audience and create a sound brand recall and market share.

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Market & Segments

Audience today are empowered by information and flooded with marketing messages. The journey between audience to customer is dependent on how the brand engages with them and is abled to derive its ROI.

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Strategy Management

Setting a base of activities and evaluation on a timely basis is very important. It helps businesses find opportunity and maximize business efficiency. So it’s no surprise that businesses are collecting more data than ever before. It is important to understanding how to make these data point to actionable activity for the business to grow exponentially.

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Information & Technology

“First Impression lasts long”, digital identity is the necessary evil for any brand to establish creditability and build perception in the mind of their audience. It is as good as a physical address to provide detailed information of your business.

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