Pain Points:

  • Close to zero paid subscription increase in the previous quarter for the platform
  • Poor user targeting led to negligible brand awareness & recall among the target audience group


  • To create an awareness about the brand among the target audience group
  • To increase the ratio of paid subscribers on the portal
  • Create a buzz around the upcoming releases and convert this buzz into PPVs

Solution Strategy:

  • Unified brand communication strategy for platform promotion
  • A separate promotional strategy devised & implemented for the promotion upcoming releases
  • Integrated both the strategies of brand promotion & content promotion to establish a symbiotic relationship between the brand & the content.


  • Added 15% more subscribers within a month of implementing the brand promotional strategy
  • Generated more than 9 million impressions within a week for the promotion of the latest release
  • The latest release of the platform got 200,000+ PPV’s within a month of its release